The Underground

Seattle Trance Alliance presents Coldharbour night with Nifra x Fisherman (Open-To-Close)

When the ‘Queen of Trance’; Nifra and ‘Mr. Crazy By Nature’; Fisherman (former member of Fisherman & Hawkins) share the stage, you know you gotta buckle up. With their driven, aggressive and pounding sound, they manage to break down every venue they enter. Both of them have created massive anthems that absolutely dominated the dance floors worldwide. Holland already saw two sold out open-to-close nights, so after rocking New City Gas in Montreal and Avalon in Hollywood together, it was time to bring this concept to North America. Having played The Underground in Seattle in the past separately, they both felt this city deserves to be Americas first to witness the power duo all night long. Whether you experienced their peak-time sets, you definitely want to be part of their extended all-nighters. Nifra x Fisherman; individually strong, together unstoppable.




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