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Innerflight Music presents Drop: Second Saturdays Monthly


MANFREDAS [Multi Culti / Les disques de la mort – Lithuania]: Manfredas Bajelis, professionally known as ‘Manfredas’, is an internationally-renowned DJ and producer from Lithuania. He is best-known for his role as a programmer and resident DJ at the acclaimed Vilnius club Opium, which he has helped to establish as a key hub for live electronic music in Northern Europe. Manfredas’ acute appreciation of music is to a large extent the product of being raised in Lithuania during the collapse of the Soviet Union, when records were incredibly scarce and prohibitively expensive. Unfathomable to a generation that grew up online with an infinite source of available music, no record would be taken for granted, and his favorites would be intensely cherished. This music served as a passport to experience the rest of the free world, while also solidifying himself within a community of local artists and enthusiasts that marched to the same kick drum.

AUTONOMIC PILOT [Sunrise Social Club – PDX]
KADEEJAH STREETS [Innerflight Music / Dirty Ice Crew – SEA]
NIGHT TRAIN [Innerflight Music / Men of Leisure – SEA]



15$ cash only cover, free 10-10:30pm

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