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Monkey Loft

Noise Complaint presents New Years Eve 2020 at the Monkey Loft with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set), Walker & Royce and more!

The Earth travels over 585,000,000 miles in it’s annual trip around the sun. So much happens during this voyage, that we often get caught up in the daily rotation rather than the year long trip as a whole. However, at least one day a year, we take pause – to look back and reflect; to gaze forward and dream. What do the stars have in store for you? What sort of journey whether it be earth bound or through countless intergalactic miles, will you go on? What’s perhaps most important, though, is living in the moment. Sharing a smile with a stranger, a hug with a friend. Truly being there. In a world of increasing artificial engagement, is there anything more special than the real thing? Join us as we get lost in the moment and create memories that are as real as intelligent life on other planets. Join us as we celebrate each other, and ourselves. – Noise Complaint

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)
Walker & Royce
Gold Chisme
Jordan Goff



Keep the party going starting at 4am at the Breakfast Club presented by Shameless featuring John Tejada, Tara Brooks and more on New Years Day! (separate ticket required)

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