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This event has been re-scheduled to October 7th due to the Coronavirus cancellation of public events.

Nectar & Solid Sound present Be Svendsen: “Man On the Run” Tour

After his highly anticipated 2019 album, ‘Between A Smile And A Tear’ and following a successful world tour, Danish musician Be Svendsen announces dates for a new concert tour named ‘Man On The Run’. Known for his spell-binding music and with his delicate sense of atmosphere and style, Be Svendsen will create an intimate setting for dynamic and melodic depth. Performing this storytelling live-set on an open stage, backed by mesmerizing visuals crafted for the tour, Be Svendsen invites the audience to step closer into his universe.

This April we will start the ‘Man On The Run’ tour. It’s a new project with a 4-chapter audio/visual story playing, where I will be performing the soundtrack on an open stage, backed by visuals crafted for this show. The idea came from a growing desire to explore further into live-playing, and to give more space for melodic depth, groove and dynamics in my set. I’m quite excited by this project, and the outlook to explore new creative possibilities, dreams and challenges. Looking forward to see your faces. -Be Svendsen

With: Michael Manahan



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