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Erozion, LacyNew, GriffinGrrl & Pelehon

CARAVAN is inspired by the true-life historic Silk Road that wound its way through Europe, Asia, and Africa. Along this route, there was a mingling of cultures and backgrounds that provided a platform for them to interact, come together, and contribute to a newly created global market. We have the same vision to create a global connection, this time through music.

World music is genre-fluid & promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and overall respect for one another. You don’t need to know the instruments or the language to understand its meaning and appreciate its beauty. This appreciation sparks cultural curiosity and investigation. It’s a concept that brings us all together, and it’s a dream we want everyone to feel included in. So, who’s ready to hop on the CARAVAN with us?

We return back for our March installment of CARAVAN with a wonderful lineup of Artists! What will you hear at a CARAVAN night? This show is an open-format show where each DJ can play any genre of music they’d like. There’s only one rule: they must incorporate instruments, languages, and sounds from around the the world throughout their set. This creates the feeling of traveling through the world together as one caravan of people.

GriffinGrrl B2B Pelehon



20$ at the door


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Saturday, Mar 18, 2023


10:00pm - 2:00am


20$ at the door

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Kremwerk/Timbre Room/Cherry
1809 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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