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Gareth Emery

LASERFACE IS DEAD. There. I’ve said it. laserface is done. Dead. Over. Retired. There’s a successor and it’s going to blow everything we did before out of the water.

Cherish the laserface t-shirts, the videos. I certainly will. Memories of a beautiful time.
But, time for ya all to learn the name of the new show. LSR/CITY. This what I’m spending the new chapter of my life working on and trust me, I we will spare no expense, time, or hard work to make it the greatest laser show you’ve ever seen. I have never committed to anything before like I’m committing to this.

For those of you who are supporting us in this new journey, thank you. I love you. I appreciate you. And to those who are not supporting, we’re cool. Thank you also, for giving me the fire to go over and above to make the new show fucking insane. Because being underestimated is amazing. If I hadn’t been underestimated my whole career, I’d still be selling fuckin’ sofas in Southampton England. And in two years we can revisit this over a beer after an amazing LSR/CITY arena show and both be glad you were wrong, lol. And…. now that I’ve got your attention, LSR/CITY V2 tour on sale now! -Gaz (Gareth Emery)

About LSR/CITY: Over the past two years, we have been on a mission: hunting high and low for the world’s greatest laserists and light programmers. Finding incredible unknown talents in the far corners of the internet doing insane things with lasers + code: mad technology from the future that the world was paying no attention to. Techniques so audacious that nobody would be nuts enough to try them… until now. And slowly but surely a team came together: a crack team with the belief they could build a show as jaw dropping in 2022 as Laserface was in 2018. Finally, that show is ready.

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Saturday, Oct 15, 2022



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WaMu Theater
800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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