Tigon, Recca, Ian K, BadGRRRL, Adora Blue, Kzar & Bouncy

Impact! Productions presents Murder, Mystery, and Hardcore on the Orient Express. It’s 1am. You find yourself in a strange place. A train, surrounded by people dressed in a mix of rave gear and 1920’s fashion. And there’s also… Chinese food? Wait a moment, it’s time for MURDER, MYSTERY, and HARDCORE! at the Orient express.

We’re kicking off our first show at this new exciting venue with an all star cast of our favorite locals and a MURDER MYSTERY! This show will feature a murder mystery ARG, with for the first few people to solve it winning a grab bag of Impact! swag, and all solvers winning a special commemorative Kandi for the occasion. Additionally, anyone who shows up in 1920’s appropriate dress will get 5$ off at the door \o/ Get ready to rave like it’s the roaring 20’s!

You may be asking, well that’s all good but what about the RAVE? We have a bunch of local faves to kick this one off, featuring scene legends TIGON and RECCA returning to their hardcore roots and burning it down once more. Along with them we have IANK, one of my favorite hardcore producers and DJs here in Seattle returning after his legendary barkcore set. With them, we have the hands up mafia, the AZN THNDR of KZAR and BOUNCY going back to back once more. With them we have the one, the only, ADORA BLUE joining us to burn it down with her hilarious and banging tracks. Finally, another barkcore favorite and Impact! Productions member BADGRRL is hopping on the decks, and my god those paws can SPIN! I can’t wait to see y’all on the floor.

Ian K
Adora Blue



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Saturday, Aug 19, 2023


8:00pm - 2:00am

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Orient Express (Traincar)
2963 4th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134

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