Barboza (Neumos basement)

Barboza presents Mija live

My upcoming live tour is the most exciting (and terrifying) endeavor I’ve yet to embark on. For a long period of time, I felt caught in liminal space between who I am as a DJ vs who I am as an artist. I would get up on massive festival stages to DJ and feel bad about myself, like I wasn’t putting enough of myself into my sets; like I wasn’t utilizing enough space. Now that I’ve built up my music catalog a bit, I’m using this new live tour to experiment with my own sound, my voice, my stage presence etc. I think that you have to be OK making sacrifices/becoming smaller, in order to grow larger and more articulately in other directions. But honestly, my main goal right now is simply to jam out with my friends, have a good time, and get closer with my fans; giving them a better insight as to who I am, how we relate to each other, and what my intentions are as human being. -Mija via



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