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C0smic J0ke, T. c0zy, Korra The Kid, Mirin Doja, MegasaurusRx, Fade.R, i++ & DreamHeavy

Announcing a special edition of Quantum! A sonic journey through the (love spectrum)! Quantum is an open format and multi-genre DJ night that is inclusive of all underground electronic music genres & styles, and that also represents up-and-coming artists. It prioritizes booking diverse DJs and Producers, while also giving opportunities to fresh new artists as well.

It’s an open format night genre-wise, so everyone gets to play to their heart’s content whatever they love most. The tempo and energy rises consistently throughout the night, and the theme is space exploration as we experience the many sounds of underground electronic music. Sounds that may seem so new and alien at first, may come to be warm and familiar soon.

What might we encounter on our journey? Dnb/jungle, Bass, couple DJs B2Bs all night & who knows what else? Join us on space flight #015 of Quantum and let’s explore the universe of underground electronic music.

C0smic J0ke B2B T. c0zy (c0smic c0zy)
Korra the Kid B2B Mirin Doja (DJ Girlfriends)
MegasaurusRx B2B Fade.R (OMEGosh)
i++ B2B DreamHeavy (The Good Kind)



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Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024


9:00pm - 1:00am

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The High Dive
513 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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