PLEASE NOTE: With the Coronavirus cancellation of public events with more than 250 people, be sure to check with the venue to determine if the event has been rescheduled or canceled. We are posting updates from venues on our Facebook post and Twitter post, and compiling a listing of online streams/replays.


Monkey Loft

The Nightlife Relief Fund is a community-built support network for professionals in the nightlife, music and arts industry. We’re committed to the safety, security and wellbeing of bartenders, security personnel, performers and dancers alike. As an alliance that aims to ultimately impact legislation, we’re a shelter of resources and a foundation for fundraising efforts to help navigate life’s surprising turns.

Join us for our first show at Monkey Loft in January to celebrate our launch, build awareness for our mission and raise funds to support our initial campaigns. this line up is all about love each and everyone of them make my heart sing when I see them and they are all coming together to support the cause. This first event is to raise money for startup costs (incorporation paperwork, filing for non-profit status Etc)

Sunshine Jones (live)
Riz & Rob
Julie Herrera



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