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David Lowe

Jame$ervin, David Lowe & Trinitron

1999 Throwback/House Techno Night: We are taking over High Dive and sending you on a house/techno/dance history journey! NOTHING released after ...
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David Lowe, Copeland & Brian Lyons

Now in our 29th year, the longest running house music weekly in the country can be found every Sunday night at Chop Suey on Capitol Hill, Seattle. ...
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Miss Min.D, David Lowe & Trinitron

Bounce Brunch: THE ORIGINAL HOUSE MUSIC BRUNCH, living the dream since 2011. FRESH drink, DELISH food & NO COVER. The chill is coming... so ...
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Kadeejah Streets, Recess, David Lowe & ekb*

Be free. Be your best self. Be fully self expressed. Who are you? A smurf? A dragon? A jester? The Joker? Spiderman? Mewtwo? Link? ...
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Nhan Solo

Showcasing over a dozen local and international DJs on the rooftop and loft stages at our beloved Monkey Loft. Soft Option is always guaranteed to ...
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David Lowe, Trinitron & Mr.Linden

We are kicking off the new year with an ~ a s t h e t i c ~ nod to the halcyon days of the rise of our scene. Long-time DJs with deep crates will ...
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Trinitron, David Lowe & Brian Lyons

Flammable Sundays: Now in our 29th year, the longest running house music weekly in the country was home at the legendary Re-bar until the club was ...
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Mass Prod

De La Creme Soundsystem and DAZED come together to bring you some of the best underground dance music. We call Monkey Loft our home, and our duty ...
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Chris Wildr, Lady Auds, Demah, Tjewels, James Sorrell, Drawbird, Erin O’Connor-Drew, David Lowe, Mister Smith & Jeremy Linden

Soft Option: Holiday Sweater Party. Season's greetings everyone! What better way to warm up for this winter's holiday season with the inaugural ...
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David Lowe, Jame$ervin, Miss Min.D & Trinitron

THE ORIGINAL HOUSE MUSIC BRUNCH: living the dream since 2011. HOLY WOW... TEN YEARS of eggs, BEATS, and bacon!! Please be vaccinated and masks must ...
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