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Erin O’Conner Drew

Simon Shackleton, Syd Gris, Chris Tower, Fouad Masoud, Nicky V, Mienne, Emuh & more

Opulent Temple Seattle presents Sacred Dance (white costume party): Our 11th incarnation of Sacred Dance in Seattle! Our signature event and our ...
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Vivid presents Underground Fridays: Braxton. New venue, same old vibe! We are pleased to be working with Chapel Lounge on a new series of events! ...
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Erin O’Conner Drew & Off99

11 Years! Can you believe it? Here's to 99 more!! To celebrate we are bringing in OFF99 for a true underground house experience! TCHP Head EOC will ...
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Erin O’Conner Drew, Snapdragon & Trinitron

Bounce Brunch: THE ORIGINAL HOUSE MUSIC BRUNCH, living the dream since 2011. The weather is a mess: let’s be COZY while we do BEATS and bacon in ...
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Julie Herrera, Matt G & Erin O’Conner Drew

I mean...you COULD go pay 50 bux a ticket and 20 bux a drink...to hang with a bunch of novices....OR you COULD get REAL comfy in ya BATHROBE and ...
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Black Velveteen, Erin O’Conner Drew, GeoD & Mr.Linden

You should NOT go to the Train Car House Party..unless you want HELL unleashed upon your children and your home...Witches Be Trippin!! PLUS...this ...
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Erin O’Conner Drew, Jeremy Linden, Matt G, Snapdragon, Tony H, Myndgruv & Z/\K 4e

Duck Brunch and Train Car House Party present The Blair Duck Project: A pop-up Halloween brunch party! We're so excited to be partnering with Train ...
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Uniting Souls Music presents Diggin' Deep: Diggin' Deep Loves Train Car House Party! On Saturday 9/24, we're doing a resident DJ swap - the TCHP ...
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Jacob London (Brit Hansen and Pezzner), Erin O’Conner Drew & Mr.Linden

We are very ___(1)___ to welcome Jacob London back to train to throw down ___(2)___ music for you all night long! Brit and Pezzner are some of our ...
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Erin O’Conner Drew, Citrus Age & Copeland

Reflect: Deep House & Melodic Techno. Deep House... in Fremont... on a weeknight. These vibrations can't wait until Friday. DJs: Erin O'Conne...
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