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Midnight Frēqs

Chime, Skybreak & SpaceYeti

Join Midnight Frēqs for a night of colorful and melodic bass music with Chime, Skybreak, and SpaceYeti. Featuring Midnight Freqs' signature ...
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Midnight Frēqs is kicking off the new year right with a mega Space Yacht collab at Monkey Loft, house tings only. Tech My House Loft DJs: Lo...
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Midnight Frēqs presents Versa, BLVNKSPVCE & SQISHI: Real riddim hours are upon us once again. Gather your construction crew, it's time to get ...
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Henry Fong

Midnight Frēqs presents Henry Fong: Henry Fong is coming to Vue Lounge on September 23rd for a night of bangin dance music! Midnight Freqs will be ...
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Carbin & DirtySnatcha

Midnight Frēqs is excited to welcome Carbin and DirtySnatcha to Vue Lounge for their new Supersonic EP tour! We've got some of our favorite DJs ...
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Wolfstax, Zona, Amp, Nowheretobe, Roams

Someone order the House Freqs special? We’ve got some local house artists coming to Vue on Thursday, May 26th! See you on the dance floor! ...
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Midnight Frēqs welcomes riddim chop master uSAYbFLOW to our show for his Seattle debut! DJs: uSAYbFLOW KiNiViN SauceBoi Devastation ...
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Dr. Ozi

Dr. Ozi's Hive Mind Tour is coming to Vue Lounge on March 24th for a night of heavy bass music! On main stage support we'll have Midnight Frēqs' ...
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Tony H, Zof, GON3R, Lili Alessa, Interwave Surfer

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with some house music? Seattle-based label Late Night Munchies is taking over the main stage at ...
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Stoned LeveL

Have you ever been to Outer Space? Midnight Frēqs is happy to announce that we’re hosting Stoned LeveL at Vue on 3/10 for his Outer Space tour ...
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