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ekb*, B.Fly & Mr. Linden

This month we welcome ekb* and B.Fly onboard the train, two fabulous, versatile djs that we can't wait to experience as we all get down on our ...
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Lo/Key, Eric Allen, Priestess, Frank James, Mister Smith, Lumi & Max Pope

Soft Option welcomes you all to journey inside the musical experience by De La Creme Life. Soft Option showcases a unique display of artists, ...
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Dion Christopher & Mr.Linden

Shomari Shanks and Waylon Dugan team up as SUPER duo Dion Christopher for their unique blend house. Their production can often be heard on KEXP on ...
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Viva Recordings presents a special one off Friday event with Demuir! Demuir: From playing his dad’s Hammond B3 organ as a child to experimen...
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David Lowe, Trinitron & Mr.Linden

We are kicking off the new year with an ~ a s t h e t i c ~ nod to the halcyon days of the rise of our scene. Long-time DJs with deep crates will ...
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Mr.Linden, Miss Min.D & Hector Rodriguez

This month we are handing over the Engineer Cap to Team Underscore for some Back of the House action on the Train. Those in the know...know that ...
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Black Velveteen, Erin O’Conner Drew, GeoD & Mr.Linden

You should NOT go to the Train Car House Party..unless you want HELL unleashed upon your children and your home...Witches Be Trippin!! PLUS...this ...
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Karl Kamakahi, Robby Clark, TheMarinoEffect, Jason Curtis, Bandita, Mr.Linden, Frank James, Mister Smith, Xrstchn, Lili Alessa & Dave Lowe

DE LA CREME SOUNDSYSTEM and MONKEY LOFT present The DLC 17th Anniversary CELEBRATION! In 2006, Karl Kamakahi had a dream to create and cultivate a ...
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Uniting Souls Music presents Diggin' Deep: Diggin' Deep Loves Train Car House Party! On Saturday 9/24, we're doing a resident DJ swap - the TCHP ...
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Jacob London (Brit Hansen and Pezzner), Erin O’Conner Drew & Mr.Linden

We are very ___(1)___ to welcome Jacob London back to train to throw down ___(2)___ music for you all night long! Brit and Pezzner are some of our ...
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