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Soft Option

Ricardo Torres

Soft Option presents Obey Your Soul 2: January 6th 2024 as we embark on a New Spiritual Journey and awaken our Souls to the Rhythm & Beats. We ...
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Karl Kamakahi, Interwave Surfer, Deepika, AC Ranger & Shufflez

Get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms of house music as we pay tribute to the dedicated house music aficionados, Off99, with an ...
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GriffinGrrl, Miss Min.D, Nofux Gibbons, Avignon & Bella Rose

Flipping the script once again, De La Crème is proud to present our UKG Edition of Soft Option with one of the best line ups to deliver this truly ...
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Nhan Solo

Showcasing over a dozen local and international DJs on the rooftop and loft stages at our beloved Monkey Loft. Soft Option is always guaranteed to ...
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Lo/Key, Eric Allen, Priestess, Frank James, Mister Smith, Lumi & Max Pope

Soft Option welcomes you all to journey inside the musical experience by De La Creme Life. Soft Option showcases a unique display of artists, ...
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Johnny Monsoon, Trinitron, Fame Sounds, Rachel Vick, Avignon & Alexia

Soft Option by De La Crème is back on June 3rd with a new show to welcome summer. Get ready to groove into the summer vibes, join us for a ...
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Marco Valencia, Lili Alessa, Simone BG, Pastelle, Karl Kamakahi, David Ardila & Deepika

De La Crème presents Soft Option Attention all cyberpunks, it's time to gear up and get ready for the party of the month! Soft Option is ...
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Eliogold, ekb*, David Ardila, Zona & Suz

Greetings everyone, April 1st we come back for another Soft Option and we do so stronger than ever, have an lineup full of talent that will keep ...
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Living Light

De La Cremé & Headyworks presents Soft Option: Living Life. Soft Option brings us together through shared experiences and moments that can help us ...
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Friend., Pressha, Gold•ish & Thalo

De La Creme & HeadyWorks have come together to bring you a unique Soft Option musical experience like they've done before. Soft Option and HeadyW...
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