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ekb*, B.Fly & Mr. Linden

This month we welcome ekb* and B.Fly onboard the train, two fabulous, versatile djs that we can't wait to experience as we all get down on our ...
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Lucky Cheese, Haüs|Gasm & yourMOM

Curated by resident Lucky Cheese, this night is sure to be a nod to our origins. The BIPOC and Gay Communities were able to dance together in the ...
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Vagabond Superstar, Jame$ervin & GeoD

Vagabond Superstar: [VS] is a DJ/Producer from Chicago, IL currently based in Seattle, WA. Known for his out of the box style of play and music ...
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Won Love & Lucky Cheese

In June we are #Blest to have some of our FAVORITE people play on the train. Riz and Rob aka Won Love will have their love on full display for what ...
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Rachel Vick & Roam(s)

It's been one in the making... Can these two incredible DJ Super Detectives crack the case? We're definitely looking forward to knowing... Join us ...
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Dion Christopher & Mr.Linden

Shomari Shanks and Waylon Dugan team up as SUPER duo Dion Christopher for their unique blend house. Their production can often be heard on KEXP on ...
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Erin O’Conner Drew & Off99

11 Years! Can you believe it? Here's to 99 more!! To celebrate we are bringing in OFF99 for a true underground house experience! TCHP Head EOC will ...
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HerShe, Joey Webb & GeoD

For Black History Month, Train Car House Party presents, DeeJay HerShe & Joey Webb! Along with support from resident GeoD. This party will def be ...
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David Lowe, Trinitron & Mr.Linden

We are kicking off the new year with an ~ a s t h e t i c ~ nod to the halcyon days of the rise of our scene. Long-time DJs with deep crates will ...
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Julie Herrera, Matt G & Erin O’Conner Drew

I mean...you COULD go pay 50 bux a ticket and 20 bux a drink...to hang with a bunch of novices....OR you COULD get REAL comfy in ya BATHROBE and ...
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