EmeraldCityEDM is a blog founded in November 2011 about Electronic Dance Music in the Seattle area (the Emerald City).  I, founder and director, am a female EDM enthusiast living in Seattle, Washington.  I love to be online listening to music, following artists, and checking out upcoming Seattle area events, so I thought I would share my discoveries and musings with you, internet friends! Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook for invitations to local EDM events.

The EmeraldCityEDM team has grown to include guest writers, event photographers, a street team for promotion, and various content contributors. Please get in touch via email at contact at EmeraldCityEDM.com if you are interested in contributing or event coverage/promotion.

EmeraldCityEDM was launched because I, founder, wanted to follow a blog/website specifically about the Seattle electronica scene that wasn’t Facebook based, and I couldn’t find one (besides the now defunct NWTekno.org).  While I love Daniel’s posts about the Seattle scene over at OnlyTheBeat, and DanceMusicNW‘s coverage of the general EDM scene, I wanted to use a site that focused specifically on Seattle. So, EmeraldCityEDM.com was created!

EmeraldCityEDM is independent of corporate, venue or promotion company influence and covers ALL Seattle related EDM equally. We are an INDEPENDENT BLOG, and value this highly. We would like to disclose that we do have a relationship with Foundation Nightclub, but we cover all clubs in the Seattle area equally and do not discriminate. You will not find EmeraldCityEDM posting content solely to increase traffic or generate advertising revenues (although clicking on ads is appreciated). Only publicly released or confirm-able information is published. We strive to include only original content, and do not post irrelevant information; a favorite motto of ours is “quality over quantity”. EmeraldCityEDM does not exist to make money or drive ticket sales (this is becoming more and more common as the industry grows). EmeraldCityEDM strives to be the BEST Seattle EDM music blog which publishes only premium Seattle EDM related content.

Wondering what’s going on in Seattle on what day?   Stay up to date on upcoming public electronic dance music events in the Seattle area by following the EmeraldCityEDM Event Calendar. You can support EmeraldCityEDM by purchasing your tickets to local events via the Calendar or via the EmeraldCityEDM WantTickets Affiliate Site.

Donate: EmeraldCityEDM exists with minimal advertising. We do not make $ running this site, and this is a deliberate choice as we wish to remain independent. If you would like to support the cause, please consider donating via Paypal:


Contact:  Feel free to contact EmeraldCityEDM via email at contact at EmeraldCityEDM.com with inquiries, requests, or submissions. I sincerely hope you enjoy the site, we write purely about what interests us as EDM fans residing in Seattle. If you have any feedback, either positive or negative – we would love to hear it.

Disclaimer:  All of the music files featured on this site are for sampling and promotion only. If you enjoy the content, please go out and support the artists by buying their albums and going to their events. If you are the owner of a music file or picture featured on this site and would like it removed, please contact us at contact at EmeraldCityEDM.com.