Armen Miran

Join Studio 4/4 at Monkey Loft on Saturday 12/9 for a night of dreamy deep house with Armen Miran!

Armen Miran: Armenian-Iranian born and Los Angeles based DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist Armen Miran has established himself as an iconic and powerful name in this industry. He has the undeniable ability to captivate audiences as well as his peers with his surreal progressions and unforgettable mixes that will leave you in a trance. It is clear that people are gravitated towards his momentous style. From the Middle East to North America, he takes his listeners on a journey filled with diverse sonics and ethereal undertones. When asked about his unique style Armen stated, “The combination of my past experiences in Europe and the Middle East along with having to start my career here in the US alone really helped shape my music naturally progressing to a more unique style. Inspired by his spirituality and nature, he seeks to captivate his audiences and take them on a journey within themselves. If only for one heart beat, Armen will not fail to influence ever changing perspectives through the rhythm of the beat.

Armen’s music lies on the inspirations driven from spirituality and nature, the two of them have been consistent sources of stability to him and guide his creative process. Outside of music, he likes to go camping, garden, discover new music, and increase his social impact by getting involved with causes to support children, animals, and the environment. He hopes that through his music he can help others tune into these inspirations and care for these social and environmental causes. When approaching his creative process he wants to ensure he leaves an impact. He says, “I want to be remembered for a moment in time, it could be even for a second, that my music has changed someone’s life/perspective and has given hope and love to that individual during a difficult time for them.”

In order to further showcase his vision, he recently launched his own label called Hoomidaas Records back in 2019 as well as an event/production company called Reborn Project. He wants to enhance his artistry through curating a tasteful brand where he can release music and play live events with artists that are in-line with his vision and ideals. Hoomidaas Records and Reborn Project have had major success with their labels and have hosted their showcases with world-renowned production and artists.

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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023


10:00pm - 4:00am

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Monkey Loft
2915 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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