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Darius Syrossian

Studio 4/4 presents Darius Syrossian: Darius Syrossian exudes passion for music with every fiber of his being, in a way that only people who do it ...
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Matthias Meyer

Announcing Studio 4/4 Presents Matthias Meyer! Studio 4/4 is honored to welcome German DJ and producer Matthias Meyer to Monkey Loft on Friday July ...
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Facundo Mohrr

The Studio 4/4 team is thrilled to bring rising Argentinian star Facundo Mohrr to Seattle for a beautiful night of lush melodies and dynamic ...
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Lee Burridge & YokoO

Studio 4/4 Presents Lee Burridge & YokoO! With this dreamy lineup, prepare to float away on waves of blissful melody and get lost in deep, mesmeric ...
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Chris Lake, Noizu, Yolanda Be Cool & Honeyluv

  Black Book In The Park returns to the Seattle Center with Chris Lake, Noizu, Yolanda Be Cool, Honeyluv and Gene Lee on July 4th, 2022! ...
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J.Phlip & Kevin Knapp

Studio 4/4 Nine-Year Anniversary: We are celebrating 9 years of Studio 4/4 with music both on the deck and in the loft! At Studio 4/4, our mission ...
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Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porky & more

  For the 7th edition Memorial Day Hijinks, Shameless returns to the rooftop launching another summer rooftop season celebrating life, ...
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Astronaut, Miss Min.D, Ramiro, Sean Wood, Snapdragon, Tony H, Wesley Holmes, Julie Herrera, Gene Lee & Zeebo

UNITY III is the newest installment of events by Unity, aimed at bringing the Seattle dance music community together as one. Join us in this ...
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Guy Mantzur

Studio 4/4 presents Guy Mantzur (Plattenbank): Guy Mantzur’s music does not fit inside a box. Inspired by many styles, he expertly blends each ...
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Chris Wildr, Eliogold, Snapdragon, Wesley Holmes & Fouad Masoud

Studio 4/4 presents CASA: Join us for an exploration through different styles of House Music. Bring your best self and prepare to dance with ...
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