Dougal, Jakka B, Kaylene Sc@r, Intraspekt, Chainwallet, MDKai, Jimni Cricket & more

Skunky Beats, Friends & Fam Collective and Impact! Productions proudly present Bride of Dankenstein

Welcome, brave souls, to a night where the eerie and the extraordinary intertwine! As the moon casts a hallows glow upon Seattle, we gather in a realm where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs. Tonight, the Bride of Dankenstein comes ALIVE, and her haunting presence lingers in every shadow. Prepare to dance among the specters, where every pulse of music will echo through the twisted corridors of your mind. So don your most ghoulish attire, embrace the darkness that resides deep within, and join us for an unforgettable evening thatll send shivers down your spine. Youll witness a lifetime of entertainment in 10 hours! Costume Contest – $200 prize!

Dougal (UK)
Jakka B (UK)
Kaylene Sc@r (UK, Happy Birthday!!!)
Intraspekt (UK)
Chainwallet (PDX)
MDKai (SF)
Jimni Cricket (SEA)
Dulce DeeJay (SEA) b2b Doughboy (SEA)
Ian K (SEA) b2b Dummy (SEA)
AliceOfSin (SEA)



Cherry (Kremwerk/Timbre Room complex)

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Friday - Saturday, Oct 27 - 28, 2023


8pm Fri - 6am Sat
8:00pm - 6:00am

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Kremwerk/Timbre Room/Cherry
1809 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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