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Gojii, FRRN, Noxsis, Placestrobe & Rocket Mermaid

Impact! Productions presents Dream Pool II TOP SECRET INCIDENT REPORT 42-69 COCKATOO This is KYRA Over KYRA This is COCKATOO Over COCKATOO, ...
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FlapJack, Headwound, Chainwallet, Gojii, Genki, Dulce Deejay, AliceOfSin & Eximious

Impact! Productions presents NEWCORES ’24 It’s been one year since we launched Impact! Productions with Newcore’s Eve. Speaking personal...
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Hitori Tori

Impact! Productions presents Club 909 909 Worldwide and Impact! Productions team up again to bring you the best in the west descending onto ...
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Candy Kid with Chaos, Luvrnetic & more

Impact! Productions presents Sweet Tooth: Are y'all ready for a sugar rush? We're getting together, popping some Mike and Ikes, skiing on pixie ...
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Nyxi, Sølanum, Distemper & OSHA Violation

Impact! Productions presents Technocore Welcome to the 6(6)(6)th Edition of Technocore! We're returning with a special treat for y'all tonight, ...
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Dougal, Jakka B, Kaylene Sc@r, Intraspekt, Chainwallet, MDKai, Jimni Cricket & more

Skunky Beats, Friends & Fam Collective and Impact! Productions proudly present Bride of Dankenstein Welcome, brave souls, to a night where the ...
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Impact Productions Happy 909 day! And what better way to mark the occasion than to have some of favorite K-9's and Kandi Kids out to burn it down ...
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Tigon, Recca, Ian K, BadGRRRL, Adora Blue, Kzar & Bouncy

Impact! Productions presents Murder, Mystery, and Hardcore on the Orient Express. It's 1am. You find yourself in a strange place. A train, surrou...
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Do you feel it? Do you feel the energy flowing through you? Moonlight coming down... it's time to HOWL! July 8th at Kremwerk Impact! Productions is ...
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Impact Productions presents Hardwired: Are you ready to get wired? To hear some fuckin insane sounds with the best of the best of the underground? ...
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