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Dulce Deejay

FlapJack, Headwound, Chainwallet, Gojii, Genki, Dulce Deejay, AliceOfSin & Eximious

Impact! Productions presents NEWCORES ’24 It’s been one year since we launched Impact! Productions with Newcore’s Eve. Speaking personal...
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Dougal, Jakka B, Kaylene Sc@r, Intraspekt, Chainwallet, MDKai, Jimni Cricket & more

Skunky Beats, Friends & Fam Collective and Impact! Productions proudly present Bride of Dankenstein Welcome, brave souls, to a night where the ...
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Rob Gee & Flapjack

Impact Productions presents Stomp'n Core: A celebration of Hardcore and Hard Dance, for always getting those boots STOMPING. We're so excited to be ...
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Sindicate International Network & Proper Productions are proud to present Toy Soldiers: Rumble In The Jungle. Join us, Oct 7th, for the U.S. debut ...
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Codd Dubz

Midnight Freqs presents Off The Record: OTR is our Thursday night weekly in partnership with Vue Lounge. Unlike a typical club weekly, we treat it ...
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Dulce Deejay, FrogMan, Dough Boy, Remnant, Echhi & Hazel Zen

Greetings to our Spoopy Ghost, Handsome Ghouls, Wiley witches and Horrifying Hard Dance lovers. It's almost that time again! This Fam Friday also ...
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Jerome Isma-ae

Jerome Isma-ae: German producer/DJ Jerome Isma-ae has one of the most unique and distinguished progressive sounds, combining influences of trance ...
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Have you heard? It's the summer of the cat! Get ready for a night filled full of meows!!! Friends and Fam, SRC Events, Shattered Emerald Producti...
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