Have you heard? It’s the summer of the cat! Get ready for a night filled full of meows!!! Friends and Fam, SRC Events, Shattered Emerald Productions, The Circle Guild and Dizzy The Frog proudly present Cat Girl Summer! Don’t let the name fool you, all cats are welcome at this party. Join us at one of Seattle’s most beloved venues The Box House for a full lineup of hard dance dj cats from across the map!! This is a 21 plus event with a full bar! No Drugs, Weapons or outside Alcohol! Backpacks are okay but are subject to search!


Lyzz-e (Phoenix Arizona – Powerstomp, Hard Psy, UK Hardcore, Speed House, Bass House): Owner of Discombobulated Funk Productions, Lyzz-E is a Wisconsin native who learned playing on vinyl and has had a passion for Hardcore and all genres since 1999. Lyzz-E has gone on, to take the Arizona desert by storm. Representing the Hardcore Outcastst (Phx AZ) she murders 180bpm and gets the walls shaking and bodies pumping with powerful energy. Recently, Lyzz-E began her producing journey and has continued to shift into the world of original music. Not one to forget her roots, she will always throw down an old banger that’ll take you back to that early 2000’s vibe. Get ready for a banging set because Lyzz-E packs a beat like a punch to the face that will have you asking for more!

Jimini Cricket: Seattle native Jimni Cricket has been DJ’ing professionally since 1999 focusing on everything from cheesy Happy Hardcore, to live mash-ups and pretty much anything else under the sun. In recent years she been extremely dedicated to making herself one of the most technical djs in the US. Constantly learning new tricks and challenging herself, Jimni is well know for her quick mixing and ninja-like scratching abilities. She will often throw over 40 tracks effortlessly over the course of an hour set. On her quest to leave no city untouched, she has headlined in almost every US state and ventured into Canada. With her unique style and adorable personality the bug makes friends and fans at every single show, a fact that an army of candy ravers across North America can attest to.

Captain Folley: Captain Folley started DJing in 2012 and has been known to provide high energy dance music ever since. Blending a mix of 4×4 genres – Captain Folley always has something to get the party moving.

DJ FrogMan (UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, DnB, Disco House, House): Born and raised in the great town of Enumclaw, DJ FrogMan has been bringing his brand of Hardcore to the world for the past 7 years. FrogMan started raving when he crawled out of the rain forest and he found his calling. To make everyone jump up, shuffle and have a hardcore happy time on the dance floor. You’ll expect to find him bouncing around behind the decks playing the best all the best jams you can think of!

Dulce Deejay: PNW DJ & member of the Fantastically Frazzled Friday’s crew who’s mission is to keep the people stomping! Focusing on Hardcore,Drum N Bass,and house. Always bringing the positivity through music and vibes.

Kandicore: Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Cascadia, bringing the sounds from the harder side, hard to the core and hard with style. Portland’s hardcore dabbing dominator is DJ Kandicore. Playing Gabber, UK hardcore, Uptempo, J-core, Happy Hardcore and Hard Dance.



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Friday, Aug 20, 2021


9:00pm - 2:00am

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