FlapJack, Headwound, Chainwallet, Gojii, Genki, Dulce Deejay, AliceOfSin & Eximious

Impact! Productions presents NEWCORES ’24

It’s been one year since we launched Impact! Productions with Newcore’s Eve. Speaking personally, I never expected us to make it this far this quickly. I moved back to Seattle on December 5th, 2022, and little did I know a silly little birthday rave would spawn this entire thing. And now, it’s time for us to celebrate the old, and launch the new, on NEWCORES ’24!

As some of y’all know, we’re relaunching as 501c3 dedicated to supporting the scene and the ravers that make it so wonderful. So this is our anniversary party, our relaunch party, and New Years Eve all at the same time. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve brought in our favorite artists of the year to burn it down with us. Starting off with no other than the legendary vinyl mixmaster FLAPJACK, who headlined Newcore’s Eve, Stompncore, and now is back for Newcores ’24. Flapjack is literally a one of a kind DJ, and has been an absolute pleasure to work with this whole year. I’m so happy to have him back for Newcores ’24. With them we have CHAINWOUND, or DEEJAY CHAINWALLET and DJ HEADWOUND Returning to the stage. Headwound and Chainwallet have been part of our shows many times this year, from Technocore to Stompncore to Barkcore… you might be seeing a theme here. But it was at one of our shows, Hardwired, that they performed their B2B live hardware action for a crowd the first time. And it’s become notorious for it’s insane energy ever since.

Now that’s not all, we’re rounding it out with GOJII and GENKI returning from Happy Barkcore/Howl at the Moon respectively. Gojii is came all the way from Florida for Happy Barkcore, and while that show was a mess with having to move at the last minute and change times, it was absolutely magical, and got us started doing our Dog Type rave series. DJ Genki has been one of the sweetest, most accommodating artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and he headlined Howl at the Moon, which was our first show we sold out and my top 3 favorite shows we did this year.

Then, we have DULCE DEEJAY going B2B with DOUGHBOY. Dulce and Doughboy have been burning it down at many a midweek and Stompncore/Bride and others, and along with the rest of Friends and Fam and Skunky Beats, have been so welcoming and helpful for us getting established in Seattle. Without their support and the support of Seattle Hardcore generally, we would be nowhere close to where we are today. And finally, to open it up in a rare case of self indulgence, it’ll be a B2B the two cofounders of Impact, ALICEOFSIN and me, EXIMIOUS. Alice is the reason I’m doing any of this. She offered to help me put on a birthday rave I was planning but got cut short by my move to Seattle at The Comeback (RIP), we did some silly little shows, got offered the chance to do New Years, and the rest is history. And while I’ve definitely taken the wheel and run off with it, Alice continues to help make Impact as wonderful as it is today. And what can I say about myself? I’m just happy y’all continue to believe in me, continue to come to our shows, and put up with my weird bullshit. The rave scene saved my life and gave me everything I have in the world, and I hope I can keep giving back to it like this for a long time. Can’t wait to see y’all on the floor.

Chainwound (Headwound & Chainwallet)
Dulce Deejay

21+, all ages 8-10pm


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Sunday, Dec 31, 2023


All ages 8-10pm

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Cafe Racer
1510 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

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