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George Dunye, Almond Brown & Riz Rollins

Beginning in June we are trying out a new model of Train Car House Party; each of our residents will be taking point on a month from here on out. This will give us an opportunity for focused visions and varied “voices” from the years of experience that we make up. With June it was a no-brainer to hand the reins over to George Dunye, who put together a fantastic night that speaks to the very FOUNDATIONS of HOUSE! On the decks we welcome TCHP favorites Almond Brown and Joey Webb (replaced by Riz Rollins)! With heading up the night also comes warming up the decks, so George will be setting the stage for our guests.

I hope you will join us on June 25 for a celebration of FREEDOM & EQUALITY. We will be celebrating “America’s Second Independence Day” – JUNETEENTH (the longest-running African-American holiday), to celebrate the final end of slavery in 1865. We are also celebrating LGBTQ PRIDE and the movement for LGBTQ rights in the United States and the Stonewall Rights, of the summer of 1969. We at TCHP strive and continue the fight towards freedom & equity for all people of any color or sexual orientation. We believe that no person should be marginalized in today’s society, regardless of color, sex, age, and/or religious belief. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. So tonight lets get together and celebrate everything for everyone! -George

Donations: This month we asked our guests for an organization that they would like to give the profits of this night to and the decision was to the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) to help achieve their vision of a Pacific Northwest region where the important histories, arts, and cultures of people of African descent are embraced as an essential part of our shared heritage and future. We will be donating money made beyond DJ payment and any minor expenses like water and of course cupcakes.

Weather Permitting we will be outside with the tents again, enjoying the open air beats that we were able to test out last year. There will be free bottled water, please dispose of the bottles appropriately.

George Dunye
Almond Brown
Riz Rollins




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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022


10:00pm - 2:00am




Orient Express (Traincar)
2963 4th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134

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