Featured Local Music out today ‘Forever Isn’t For Everyone’ from local Ambient producer Resonata is out now on Left Of Field Records! Resonata, also known as Seth, is an Ambient/Industrial electronic music producer from Port Orchard, WA. The name Resonata comes from a combination of the words “Resonate” and “Sonata”. Left Of Field Records is a small label out of Australia that donates all of their proceeds to suicide prevention charities.

About the album, Resonata stated:

This album is the manifestation of years of pain, internal suffering, and loneliness. The emotions never spoken, but seeped into the very core of everything I ever touched. The loss of my father, the devastating breakup that followed shortly after, the feeling of guilt as if it was all somehow my fault, and yet a glimmer of hope shine through to show the new life I breathed into the world…the beauty and optimism that were born from the ashes of the hollow shell of who I used to be. I came to terms with loss, grief, and death, we shook hands and made our peace, and now I’m at ease…staring into the eternal abyss and concluding that the only certainty in life…is death. To pray for anything beyond that is to pray for control over one’s existence and eternal well-being which is something we simply will never have. Sometimes it’s nice to recognize your inability to have control…nothingness becomes holy…and you know that Forever Isn’t for Everyone!

Listen to the lead single ‘Grief Demands an Answer’:

We are also loving the track ‘If These Walls Could Speak’:

Resonata will be releasing one track per week via his Soundcloud, stay tuned for a full stream which will be available later this month!

‘Forever isn’t For Everyone’ is available to purchase/download via:
Bandcamp (name your price)

Resonata is online at:

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