Today’s featured local music is Interstellar Vision by local bass favorite Rebel Scum! Released via Ganja White Night’s label SubCarbon Records, the EP features a collaboration with Ahee and four other tracks. Rebel Scum recently released a DnB remix of Knife Party’s classic Bonfire, and while this EP is more of a dubstep flavor, it is just as excellent. Rebel Scum continues to produce both dubstep and DnB tracks over shuffle worthy beats, and this EP is no exception.

For me, the Interstellar Vision EP is about branching out and trying new things. Even though my focus is DNB, I will often write other genres as an exercise to work out my music brain. Sometimes, those exercises turn into full tracks and that’s what you’ll hear on the EP. It’s tough for me to stick with one genre when I love them all so each different track is like a love note to whatever genre it is. -Rebel Scum

Erase Me features some catchy vocals overlaid on complex buildups and cascading drops. Interstellar Vision, the title track, takes the BPM up a notch with some intergalactic sounds. Dangerous, the collaboration with Ahee, is the shooting star track of the album. It features drops and vocals reminiscent of Kumarion’s “Want It” along with some stellar wobbles. Inner Fire speeds things up and adds a DnB flair. Phantom Menace features Star Wars themed vocals and closes out the EP with a finale as satisfying as it must be to return from space after a year in a tiny space station.


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