Today’s featured local music is Legacy from former Seattle area producer and visual artist LEViT∆TE! LEViT∆TE, aka Connor, is also a visual artist and created a unique video to accompany each track (see below). The album is a journey through bass and glitch sounds, with Psychosis emerging as our favorite track.

MY DEBUT AUDIOVISUAL ALBUM, “LEGACY” IS OUT NOW EVERYWHERE.I truly can’t express what a substantial piece of work this is to me. This consumed years of my life and overshadows anything I have done artistically before this to me. -LEViT∆TE

96 (feat Kody Ryan):

Among Trees:

Protectors Story Part 1:

Protectors Story Part 2:

To The Core (interlude):



For Your Life:


Brighter Horizons:

Hungry for more? Check out the DJ Times article “LEViT∆TE Breaks Down Every Track On Audiovisual “Legacy” Album” which delves further into the creative process and thinking behind each track.

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