Today’s featured local music is the Playhouse EP by Seattle’s own Kendoll! Released on the infamous label NightBass, Playhouse is a five track EP which highlights Kendoll’s variety in crossing the lines between Bass & House.

The first track “Tension” is a classic booty house track which features the lyrics “sexual tension” over a driving beat. The title track “Playhouse” continues with the booty house sound, with more complex layered vocals and heavier bass. “In Effect” continues the bass house vibe but without lyrics, and a catchier rhythm; this was our favorite track on the EP. “Glitched” comes out with the bass booming over break beats. “Rave All Night” closes out the EP with a fun track whose buildup reminded us of Shiba San. Every track on the EP is fantastic, and flows well. The EP fits the Night Bass sound perfectly!

Purchase/Stream Playhouse on all major music platforms, and follow Kendoll on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Soundcloud.

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