Check out StopBreatheBump’s review and recap of Resolution 2012, great photos and a wonderful recap of the event.  Interesting to see that little Seattle had the most hyped New Years Eve event on Facebook…

Personally, I agree with almost every opinion in the StopBreatheBump review.  I had a blast at Resolution and thought that the sound was top-notch, the size of the crowd was perfect (much more enjoyable than certain other oversold edm events), and the variety of different genres at the event meshed well in a way that was much better than I expected.   I really enjoyed the stage set-up along with the disco ball drop and angel/cat dancers (??? whatever they were supposed to be!) – absolutely wonderful visual stage set-up. 

I was not impressed by CongoRock, I found the set to be very repetitious and not very original sounding.  However, I really am not that familiar with CongoRock to begin with, so my judgment is truly a first impression.  Nero was AMAZING, but still not as good as at Identity – in my opinion.  I felt that Nero’s DJ set at Resolution was most definitely a DJ set, while at Identity I felt like we truly were at a Nero show.  I saw vocalist Alana for seriously about 5 seconds, I didn’t even notice she was singing until she was saying goodbye!  Oops… I might have been a bit more under the influence than I thought!

Tritonal was amazing as usual – disclaimer, total Tritonal nerd here – I ♥ Tritonal, Tritonians unite!   This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to experience Tritonal live and they didn’t disappoint.  I enjoyed the new mash-ups and remixes they played, however I feel that Tritonal really needs to take the next step in their evolution as performers.  While Chad and Dave are absolutely amazing producers, I feel that their live show recipe has grown slightly stale for me.  I’m excited to see what they will bring to the table in 2012, and crossing my fingers that they will return to EDC this year! 

Check out the full photo gallery on the USC Events website photo gallery page.  Stay tuned for a follow-up post once Tritonal releases the video for “Can’t Keep It In” – per the Tritonal facebook page, they will be using footage from Resolution2012, along with other events in 2011, in the official music video!