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Today’s featured music is the Seraph EP by local producer & Waves member Kiba! The EP is full of uplifting melodies and future-bass sounds which show off Kiba’s diverse range of styles.

The title track of the EP, “Seraph”, starts things off with a slow buildup over a driving beat. The second track picks up the tempo and gives off a psy-trance vibe. “You Got Me” takes things in a melodic dubstep direction with haunting vocals over beautiful drops. We really like the chord progression and melodies in this track; this is our favorite track of the EP. “Sapphire Skies” slows things down and continues the emotional journey. “Save Me”, featuring Katie Carlene on vocals, closes out the EP with an emotional bang.

Put a TON of work into this project so I’m really glad that it is finally released. -Kiba

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