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FEATURED LOCAL MUSIC: Find Another Way by Seven Lions

Today’s featured music is the Find Another Way EP from transplanted local Seven Lions! Featuring heavyweights Haliene and Au5, Find Another Way is Seven Lions’ first EP since Start Again was released in 2018.

“Remember”, the first track, is a blend of signature drops from Seven Lions, Au5 and Crystal Skies over a Psy-Trance beat. You can really hear the Au5 influence on this track. “Only Now” incorporates beautiful vocals by Tyler Graves with Seven Lions’ progressive buildups and cascading drops. “Senseless”, also featuring Tyler Graves on vocals, starts off with a house beat. The melody is quite catchy with some fun plays on words in the lyrics. Tyler’s voice really stands out on this track, especially the use of vibrato and falsetto.

“Another Way” features April Bender on vocals soaring over the melodic dubstep style that Seven Lions has become famous for. This is our favorite track of the EP. “What’s Done is Done” closes out the EP with piano and vocals by Haliene, one of electronic dance music’s top vocalists. Haliene was recently scheduled to perform in Seattle, but her performance has been rescheduled to June 19th due to the Coronavirus cancellation of public events.

Support local music producers by attending their shows and purchasing or streaming their music. Stream or purchase Find Another Way on Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer,, Spotify, Soundcloud or Tidal today!

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