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Hazel Zen

Hazel Zen, Greilark, Mazurbeam & Shapey Rox

Radio Apocalypse presents a night of Liquid Drum & Bass DJs/Timeslots: Shapey Rox 8-9pm Mazurbeam 9-10:30pm Greilark 10:30pm-12am Hazel Zen ...
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Rob Gee & Flapjack

Impact Productions presents Stomp'n Core: A celebration of Hardcore and Hard Dance, for always getting those boots STOMPING. We're so excited to be ...
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Jason Curtis, Clokwork, Psy-Phi & Hazel Zen

Squadron Drum and Bass brings you yet another installment of DnB for the masses! Tonight we have some excellent local talent and a multi genre ...
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Craze & Water Spirit

Join us for the much anticipated return of the Snoochy Boochies franchise and the revival of the Skunky Beats crew. After a long hiatus we are ...
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Babel, Spiralus, Jeneral Tops, Enki, Hazel Zen & FryinRyan

HOLY S*** BATMAN! Half a year already it's been getting down with all of you! I'm so happy we've made it this far together, what a BLESSING this ...
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Hazel Zen, Lady Killer, Ian K, Buttonz, Kandicore, FryinRyan & Goku

We are SO excited to announce our yearly fundraiser, BITTERSWEET BITCHES! This year we are doing a BUILD-A-BAE Runway, along with some sweet tunes ...
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BuenaVista, Jen Tops, Detcord, Naviijah, Enki & Hazel Zen

Noxious Productions presents Esoterica Vol. 3: It's time for round 3 already! Come party with us at Cafe Racer for the first time in 2023 to end ...
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OnDaMike with CIK, K.O.R.E & more

ProtoHippy Productions presents HEAVEN & HELL OnDaMike is a rising star with an innovative BreakBeat & Bass House sound that has captured the ...
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Dulce Deejay, FrogMan, Dough Boy, Remnant, Echhi & Hazel Zen

Greetings to our Spoopy Ghost, Handsome Ghouls, Wiley witches and Horrifying Hard Dance lovers. It's almost that time again! This Fam Friday also ...
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