WAVES presents Clockworked powered by AC AUDIO on Saturday, September 22nd at Straight Jacket Studios (SoDo) in SoDo!


Tick….Tock… our clock tells us it’s about time for the return of WAVES; and we are coming back in full force in a new venue, a second new stage with new sound, and putting on our full production with “WAVES Presents: Clockworked”. Time is but an illusion, yet an integral thread weaving the fabric of the universe. Like sands through the hourglass, our reality mandates we fall through the hands of time, only to be left with our distant memories: traces left by time itself. It is here, where we will come together to warp time, creating a dimension where the beat of the music and flashing of the lights will make time stand still; the seconds feeling like hours and the hours feeling like seconds. An instant with no concept of past or future, only the thrill of the present moment transcoding into memories lasting a lifetime.

Join us September 22nd, 2018 for an epic time themed adventure! Happening one night only, this event features two stages (one house music & one bass music), live performers and DJs, custom made immersive visuals on a projection mapped stage with 50 feet of projected wall as a backdrop, this visual experience will be unlike any other. We are pleased to announce our partnership with AC Audio, providing you with some of the best sound in the PNW. This will be a show you won’t want to miss!

Time Warp Stage DJs:
9-9:50: Kiba
9:50-10:40: Sweekends
10:40-11:30: Mortals
11:30-12:20: THIQ JAMES
12:20-1:10: Quackson
1:10-2: Inaudible

Time Loop Stage DJs:
9-10: NoRecall
10-11: Hherb
11-12: Frida K
12-1: AuSteele
1-2: Phoseph

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Facebook event page



20$ at the door

Straight Jacket Studios
2020 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA 98134

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