Today’s featured music is the debut full length album by bass music master Feed Me. Released on Jon Gooch’s newly founded label Sotto Voce, this is a masterpiece.  Enjoy:

Full album stream c/o DanceMusicNW:


Soundcloud preview track “Lonely Mountain”:

Track Listing:
Feed Me – Orion (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Death By Robot (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Lonely Mountain (Original Mix)
Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Rat Trap (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Dazed (Original Mix)
Feed Me featuring Yadi – Ophelia (Original Mix)
Feed Me – In The Bin (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Chinchilla (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Fiasco (Original Mix)
Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Short Skirt (Original Mix)
Feed Me – No Grip (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Onstuh (Original Mix)
Feed Me – Last Requests featuring Jenna G (Original Mix)


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