If you haven’t heard Vancouver, BC native Felix Cartal‘s latest EP “Past, Present, Felix”, you are in for a treat!  The EP is a true multi-faceted gem which combines ethereal vocals and haunting melodies with Felix’s signature electro-house sound.  The EP tells the story of summer in the EP’s tracks, taking listeners on a journey through young love, dancefloor destruction and summer nights,  closing with bidding adieu to the familiar.

About creating the EP, Felix stated to DanceMusicNorthwest “I have this theory that you could take the top 100 tracks on Beatport, mix up the artists’ names, and then ask people to tell you which track is whose, and they couldn’t do it.  I think that’s wrong.  I don’t think there’ anything wrong with imitation to learn music, but I don’t think it’s a good way to become your own artist.  I’ve learned a lot trying to imitate the things I love, but I’ve always tried to make the thing I don’t hear, not the thing I do hear.  I’d rather have people try to imitate my songs; not vice versa.”

The first release since Felix’s last full-length album Different Faces in 2011, “Past, Present, Felix” evidences the young producer’s growth and journey as a songwriter and shows that he is never content to reproduce similar sounds.  By not taking the easy route and creating tracks that incorporate ingenious vocal layering and haunting chord combinations, the “Past, Present, Felix” EP EP truly shows that Felix is a producer on another level.

Past, Present, Felix leads with single “Young Love” featuring vocalist Koko LaRoo, taking you on a journey to find love on the dance floor on a warm summer night.  Watch the official “Young Love” music video here.  Next is instrumental banger “Katsu”, which will definitely be burning up dancefloors around the world.  “After Dark” features heartfelt vocals by Koko LaRoo over Felix’s signature melodies and absolutely beautiful stutter effect.

The EP concludes with “New Scene”, which is personally my favorite track of the EP.  Sentimental lyrics featuring vocalist Ofelia evoke the feeling that you’re on the brink of setting out on a new journey with someone special.  “I’ll I want is something more than what everyone was reaching for, I can’t believe, it was all dream. I’ll be the best escape of a in between I’ll be the first step to a brand new scene. All I wanted was more.”   The track is emotional and uplifting, but also slightly hesitant and exiting, or just the way you feel when meeting someone new and embark upon to the unknown.  Billboard reviewer Zel McCarthy stated that “New Scene’ is one of the best dance recordings of the year and one of the finest in Felix Cartal’s catalogue.”

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“Young Love” Remixes:   Prior to launching the After Dark Tour, Felix Cartal will release the Young Love (Remixes) EP August 20 via Dim Mak Records. The EP will feature the original track with remixed versions of “Young Love” from producers/DJs BURNS, Valentino Khan, Sleepy Tom, and The Reef. Look for more singles and remix packages from Past, Present, Felix to be released via Dim Mak this summer and fall.  Listen to previews of the Young Love (Remixes) EP here, pre-order the remix pack here and grab a free download of “Young Love”  – Valentino Khan Remix here.



ENTER TO WIN TWO TICKETS to the After Dark Tour at Foundation Nightclub c/o DimMak here.

In support of his recently released Past, Present, Felix EP, Canadian electro house golden boy Felix Cartal is hitting the road with the launch of his After Dark North American Tour. Named for “After Dark,” a highlight track on the Past, Present, Felix EP featuring vocalist Koko LaRoo, the trek will take FELIX across major clubs and venues throughout the U.S. and his native Canada. The After Dark Tour launches September 5 in Victoria, BC, following a major performance on the Dim Mak Up All Night Stage at this year’s Electric Zoo.  FELIX CARTAL is teaming up with Dim Mak to give away a pair of tickets to each show on the After Dark Tour. Visit the Dim Mak social networks for more information, and ENTER TO WIN TWO TICKETS to the After Dark Tour at Foundation Nightclub c/o DimMak here.


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