Today’s featured local music comes from Rebel Scum, or Chase of western Washington! The EP “Take Off”, released this week on KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records, is a dubstep treat:

These are the drops you are looking for! Blasting off at the speed of sound, the three track ‘Take Off’ EP from Rebel Scum invites you to be a passenger on a singular narrative vision through intergalactic chord progressions, cosmically chaotic bass sounds, and meteoric melodic undertones.

Get ready to make some revolutions with ‘Orbiter,’ a dynamic dance floor mover for you to get down with while also getting your fix of arpeggios and layered synths. Equal parts beauty and banger, ‘Alliance’ will have you traversing the universe with it’s progressive builds and (inter)stellar breakdowns that give way to the final track ‘Star Map.’ Hold on tight as Rebel Scum takes us deeper into the dangers of space in search of otherworldly vibrations with a gnarly dubstep anthem that is the perfect capstone to our voyage.

Stream/Purchase Take Off by Rebel Scum today!

Like what you hear? Catch Rebel Scum playing Bass Therapy at Stage on Friday, August 17th!

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