One day after the Showbox Market celebrated its 79th birthday, reports have emerged that the venue will be demolished in order to construct a 44 story skyscraper. The building housing the Showbox was built in 1916 and the venue has been hosting shows in its current space since 1939; it is clearly a Seattle institution! See for yourself: Upcoming EDM events at the Showbox Market or read more about the Showbox Market’s history.

It goes without saying that this is a very special venue with a history and fan base that expands well beyond EDM. What will happen to downtown Seattle when all of the places that make up its charm are demolished and only tourist attractions remain? What about all of the vacant new construction that you can clearly see is not currently occupied? Do we really need more expensive apartments or condos?

Note that there has been no confirmation or denial by the Showbox on any of their social media accounts as of the writing of this article. The calendar of events shows concerts scheduled through January 20th, 2019. The developer proposing the demolition is Omni of BC, Canada. An LLC associated with strip-club magnate Roger Forbes (who also owns Deja Vu) owns the Showbox building, while AEG Live owns the club.

AEG issued the following statement:

We intend to continue operations of this legendary venue including all of the shows currently announced on our calendar. We are hopeful of beginning a dialogue with the building’s new owners to preserve the Showbox for decades to come.

What can we do?

  • Amplify our impact by using the hash tag #SaveTheShowbox on social media
  • Submit a “nomination as a historical landmark” by email to Sarah Sodt, City Historic Preservation Officer
  • Join this Facebook group for updates: a grassroots campaign to save the venue has already begun, join the group or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates about what you can do to aid the cause.
  • Sign these online petitions:

Daily Journal of Commerce
The Stranger
Seattle Times
City of Seattle (Application details)

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