WAVES presents Delirium: A Music & Art Experience

WAVES presents Delirium: An evening of immersive visual production, performance art and electronic music from some of the PNW’s finest local talent on Saturday, February 8th at Beyond Space (SLU)!

Your vision blurred and your senses foggy, you stumble forward into strange surroundings. All awareness of time and space has disappeared, and everything around you has morphed into distorted, surreal imagery. You feel your mind becoming disconnected from reality, slowly separating from your physical form, falling into chaos.


You become lucid as you notice a glowing light radiating in the distance. The approaching wave of consuming light sweeps over you, pulling you into alternate planes of reality beyond your everyday perception. Are you trapped of have you been set free?

Formless fears take shape and fly, past the edge of oblivion. Mania and ecstasy pull you into delirium. Join us for a night of immersive art, performance art, and cutting edge electronic music from some of the PNW’s finest talent!

The Hysterium stage DJs: Scalar Theorem, Åse, Minør, Kiba b2b Quackson, Frida K b2b noRecall, Mortals

The Delusion stage DJs: Worriez Music, CA|EB, AKOMA b2b LuckDragon, Allen Oh b2b Oxymoron (ft Bbecks), HEIRZ vs. Noktuary, Aquaphina b2b iLL DiLL

Art by Hannah Selene, GHØST GIRL, Sari Luna Designs, Rocky Mamotyuk, Marley Utzig, eiffelsour, Maya Kay Art, Vivian Chuang, Colin Bronson & Bryan Absher and Creatrix. Upstairs Lounge curated by Metanoia Collective x Piper Crabtree + Stephanie Le.

Links & More Information:
Facebook event page
Purchase presale tickets (also available below)



32$ at the door

Beyond Space
227 9th Ave N
Seattle, Washington 98109



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