Hidden in the depths of the ocean where no light can reach, bioluminescent creatures glow like crystalline embers of sparkling stars, invoking cosmic, lunar magic. An evolutionary marvel, these creatures create a pervasive show of light, mesmerizing the world around them by brightening even the darkest of places.

Join us for WAVES Presents: Biolumina us as we dive deep into the production of light and sound; bringing light to life. We will be constructing a bioluminescent environment of our own- a place symbolizing the ability to bring light to dark times, with the support of our team, and our love for the gift that is music and art: its ability to heal, comfort, bring people together, and offer an escape from a reality where those qualities are sometimes lacking.

Happening one night only, this event will feature aerial performances, two stages, custom made immersive visuals in a projection-mapped environment, showcasing a variety of electronic rhythms to satisfy the tastes of many. With multiple art installations, some of the most powerful sound (by AC Audio), and a shining bill of local talent, the experience of “Biolumina” will be unlike any other. Please be cautious if you experience photosensitivity, as the environment will be immersive.


The Midnight Zone:
9-9:50: OFFWHITE
9:50-10:40: toastercookie
10:40-11:30: Minor
11:30-12:20: H O T M E S S (LuckDragon + THIQ JAMES)
12:20-1:20: HAL-V & SpaceCase
1:20-2:15: Quackson b2b Mortals

The Abyss:
9-9:45: Ben-Jammin
9:45-10:35: DJ Night Audit
10:35-11:25: Oxymoron (full live band!)
11:25-12:15: Frida K b2b Hherb
12:15-1:30: Sammy Legs
1:30-2:20: DJ 5TOES

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Saturday, November 10th 2018


25$ at the door (if tickets remain)

DiTec Studios (Sodo)
2020 Airport Way South
Seattle, Washington 98134


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