Insomniac Events announces their return to Seattle for Halloween weekend 2021! After comments made by Insomniac Events director Pasquale Rotella on Reddit stating Insomniac was planning events for Seattle this Halloween, we can finally confirm that it’s happening!

BOO! The haunting is headed for YOU, Seattle! Sign up at to be the first to know more! Save the Date this Halloween Weekend—for #BooHalloween is growing to a massive scale at a very special new spooktacular venue. Where do you think the ghouls will find their home?!

The Boo Halloween spooktacular continues its haunting tradition! From Arizona to San Francisco, Dallas to Orlando, the phantasmic sprits have arisen. Now Seattle is set for its big boo debut! Beware! -Insomniac Events

Note the “new spooktacular venue” … Halloween massives in the Seattle area were previously held at the WaMu Theater by the now defunct company USC Events. A newly remodeled, high capacity indoor venue is scheduled to open in October 2021: Climate Pledge Arena. However, upon review of the Arena’s concert schedule, a country concert is already scheduled for Saturday, October 30th, 2021. This does leave Friday night as an available option, but the announcements references the weekend, not a single day. There aren’t very many Seattle area venues that can accommodate the large crowds that a massive brings. Perhaps Insomniac is opening its own new venue? Or, perhaps they will use an existing venue that is “new” to Insomniac… time will tell! Stay tuned to this post for updates.

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