Must Die! obliterates fans with new album Feral Fantasy: A journey through UK Rave, techno, bass, hardstyle, and leftfield electronic music!

Seattle native Must Die! is overcoming genre boundaries like never before with his newest album Feral Fantasy. Bringing the wildest offering of music from him so far, Feral Fantasy includes everything from state of the art sound design, to classic rave stabs and breaks, and everything in-between. After sharing “Gravebloom,” the first single from the project that tips its hat to the classic UK rave sound, and the assaulting hardstyle single “U Should Know” – it became clear that Must Die!’s willingness to stay in one lane is nonexistent. His IDGAF attitude to making music has allowed him to touch on every corner of hard dance music, techno, hardstyle, experimental music, and quite literally, anything else he feels like.

The 11-track album has collaborations with Water Spirit, Descender, and the infamous Lil Texas. Feral Fantasy is just that, a fever dream of wild, uninhibited, hard dance music. Our favorite track is Keep U Safe, with U Should Know and Gravebloom rounding out our favorites.

Feral Fantasy is a celebration of my love and passion for hard dance. It’s upfront and to the point, it’s high energy, and it’s where my head is at this year. This project, much like the album that preceded it, is a peek into my tastes and my personality through the lens of cutting edge dance music. – Must Die!

Catch Must Die!’s Feral Fantasy tour at Neumos on January 13th, 2023, tickets are on sale now!

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