Today’s featured music is the debut album from Mat Zo, also known as Matan Zohar.  The British dance music production master has truly impressed EmeraldCityEDM with this album.  Even after receiving a leaked copy earlier in the year, we still have this album on repeat and just can’t get enough of Mat’s unique approach to dance music!  Between layers of Indian drums, tribal beats and the smoothest basslines, Damage Control is brilliant and is currently in our ranking for the BEST electronic dance music album of the year.

Damage Control track listing:
1. Superman Lost
2. Only For You (feat. Rachel K. Collier)
3. Easy (feat. Porter Robinson)
4. Caller ID
5. Little Damage
6. Pyramid Scheme (feat. Chuck D)
7. The Sky (feat. Linnea Schossow)
8. Like It Used To Be
9. Time On Your Side (feat. Janai)
10. Moderate Stimulation
11. Lucid Dreams
12. EZ
13. Hurricane (feat. Eyes That Lie)
14. Fall Into Dreams (feat. Pete Josef)
15. Time Dilation (bonus track).

No full SoundCloud stream is available due to Rolling Stone exclusively hosting the stream. Instead, EmeraldCityEDM will share the following Above & Beyond “Group Therapy Guest Mix” episode featuring Mat Zo:

Along with one of our personal favorite tracks from the album, EZ.  Note, this is not the EZ you’ve been listening to for the past year!  Enjoy:

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